Be part of an exciting new office space perfect for entrepreneurs and innovators, right in the heart of Chapel Hill, N.C.
About EE Carolina
About Entrepreneur's Exchange Carolina
Entrepreneur's Exchange Carolina
Chapel Hill entrepreneur Bradley J. Gibson created Entrepreneur's Exchange Carolina to promote an energized entrepreneurial environment and help develop the next generation of executives for technology and life science companies. EE Carolina seeks to provide a voice for the early-stage technology startup, support new entrepreneurs and their companies, and sponsor networking and educational events.

EE Carolina offers affordable office space in three recently renovated buildings featuring congenial individual office suites for entrepreneurs.
What is Coworking?
Coworking is redefining the way we do work. The idea is simple: that independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking answers the question that so many face when working from home: "Why isn't this as fun as I thought it would be?"

Beyond just creating better places to work, coworking spaces are built around the idea of community-building and sustainability. Coworking spaces agree to uphold the values set forth by those who developed the concept: collaboration, community, sustainability, openness, and accessibility. [Source: wiki.coworking.info]
Coworking at EE Carolina
Coworking at EE Carolina
Coworking space in Building 1 is currently under renovation.

We plan to offer an open area with décor similar to Building 2, with tables and chairs reminiscent of a coffee shop environment, including ample laptop power outlets, two phone booths for those wishing to take phone calls without disturbing others, and a small kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker for your convenience.
Coworking floorplan